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20 January 2010 @ 07:33 pm
dum dum dum masterlist!  
Not much of a master, but. For organization's sake.

Panic(!) at the Disco/The Young Veins:

anything you ask of me, Jon/Ryan, r, ~3200
summary: There are some things Ryan doesn't know how to ask for.
warning: light bdsm

The Nomenclature of Bands Brendon/Spencer,(Spencer/various), pg-13, ~3600
summary: Spencer has a thing for lead singers: William Beckett. Greta Salpeter. Gerard Way. Travis McCoy. Gabe Saporta. Brendon keeps wondering when it'll be his turn.

(Never) Too Old For Nursery Rhymes Brendon/Spencer, pg-13, ~7200
summary: Brendon runs a bakery, and Spencer is an accountant completely oblivious to Brendon's feelings for him.

this year's love Ryan/Spencer, r, ~7400
summary: Ryan leaves for college and then comes back. Spencer is Spencer about it. warning: no quotation marks.

our own fairytale Ryan/Spencer, r, 9188
summary: Ryan and Spencer make a pact when they're just twelve and eleven respectively. Before Panic, just the two of them. warnings: underage.

well, I'm of consenting age (friendslocked; reposted here) Brendon/Ryan, nc-17, ~9500,
summary: Ryan hates it when Brendon brings sweets onto the tour bus. In which Brendon decides to seduce Ryan through food, and how it all eventually ends up with them making out against the fridge, to Spencer's horror. Bonus cameos of uncomfortable!Patrick and pervy!Pete. warning: pwp.
the end of history as we know gen, ~3100
summary: Panic break-up. Title is pretty self-explanatory; this is mostly for personal catharsis. Written in July, just after. warning: divorce!fic.

Fall Out Boy:

don't think that these feelings are gonna leave
Pete/bb!Patrick, nc-17, ~4800
summary: Pete's New Year Resolution is not to hit on any minors. He does good on that until he meets bb!Patrick at a show.
warnings: underage, public sex.

five times pete never called patrick during christmas (and one time he did) implied Pete/Patrick (Pete/Ashlee), pg-13, ~4200
summary: Once it's too late, it's over - Pete supposes, the only thing left to do was to start over again. How some things change with time, and some don't. But mostly, they do. warning: a bit of het. yes, it's a warning /o\

The Academy Is ...

i'll be your lightning rod William/Mike, pg-13, ~4800
summary: Mike is kind of an asshole. William - is surprisingly okay with that.


Hazardous Side-effects of Radio-listening Ryan/William, bonus! Gabe/Spencer, r, ~10k
summary: Ryan is a little bit um, impressionable. In that he falls in love with people over the radio. William has no idea what hit him. Gabe and Spencer have a lot of fun at the two of them.

Indistinguishable From Magic Brendon/Spencer, Jon/Tom, Pete/Patrick, pre-Frank/Gerard, r, ~26k
summary: Aladdin! AU, with Brendon as Aladdin, Spencer as the prince. Bonus magic carpet!Ryan!

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